torsdag 8. oktober 2009

In English, please!

Now hopefully everyone can understand me. Excuse my writing mistakes.

(At the Stromme office. Kaias pics)
The last days have been great, and me and Kaia are starting to feel that we belong to this place. Our apparment is a home, we do no longer accept the mzungo-prizes at the boda-bodas, and we are starting to get into our work soon. Yesterday we visited the primary school st Martins Mulago and met all the about 700 students, all from kindergarten-age up til 15 years. It was a new experience to be threated like a celeberty, and I think the kids were as excited to meet us as we were to meet them. Today we stuffed 26 people into a 14 seat taxi and drove to a school where the girls football team should play a mach. It showed out to be the wrong day, so we had to go back again, but it was a nice experience, and we even learned some luganda.

We have not been here for a week yet, but it feels like we have experienced things for a whole month already. I`m looking forward to see behind the surface of impressions, and understand more of the culture and the people here.

Other information is that we got our three doors yesterday, so now we dont have to worry about showering anymore. Now we just miss some light in there so we can see anything.

I hope all the Hald-students are fine both in Norway and in the rest of the world, and that friends and family are happy and healthy. For me, life is really good here in Uganda. May God bless this beautiful country and all the people here.

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  1. Seem like you`ve settled down for now. That is very good, and important. Enjoy your work, and use this valubale time to make memories and experiences for life
    Eirik :D