onsdag 28. oktober 2009

African housewives - a full time job

Our "slave" Justus tries to make good african housewives of us.

Pic 3. Nowegians need fiber: here we´re making pancakes with dark fla and oats. Mmm
Pic 4. In a family here is allways something to wash, and an african family can be big.

Women in Uganda are allways busy. Not busy busy, hurry hurry, like stressed people in Norway, but they allways have something to do. I dont know all african women, but from what I have heard and seen I am really respecting them. They are the first to wake up in the morning, to preper food for the husband and the kids. Then there is cleaning, babysitting, and maby work at the market or somewhere else. Then there is more cleaning, washing and food prepearing before the husband is back. When the husband is resting after work the woman maby walk to get more wather, and clean the kids and their clothes. When all her work is done, the day is over, and she goes to bed to rest before a new day, with more washing. Its really a full time job, but she´s not complaining; "a womans got to do what a womans got to do".

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