torsdag 15. oktober 2009

At St Martins 15.10.09

Long time, no see. Its not because I`m lacy, but there is so much happening down here. And the internet is using african time. I`ll write a longer report very very soon.

This week we`ve been at the primary school St Martins, and had Life Skills classes and P.E with primary 3, 4, and 5. Its a new experience to be a teacher for 50 kids at the time, and not be sure if they understands your english or not, but I`m posetively surprised of how much I enjoy it. The kids are so eager and polite, and its good to know that we can add some fun, and hopefully some good wisdom into their lifes.

Today Life Skills was about HIV/AIDS. Its feels funny to teach these kids about a disease they know and relate to so much more than me, but I´m glad the school is taking this kind of education seriously.

Another thing about I like about this school is the signs in the school yard. Its a bit comic, but also sad because these things are so relevant for the kids. The signs says things like, avoid night clubs, avoid moving at night, refuse gifts from strangers, early sex is very dangerous, avoid lonely places and so on.

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  1. FY søren så masse fine bilder! Det ser SÅ kjekt ut! Håpe så sykt at eg får reisa ner å besøka dokke! :) Kos dokk vidare. klem <3