torsdag 12. november 2009


Today we had our last classes with the kids at St Martins for this year. They will have a long christmas holiday, and than we will be back in February. We had fotball with them and life skills about "love your neighbour", and in the end the kids got different notes with a sentence about them, like: You make a difference, you are a good friend, you are important, you are loved and so on.
One of the most touching moments so far in Uganda was today when me and Kaia had both streams of primary 5. They were about 100 kids, I had the responsibility for the girls and Kaia for the boys. When everyone had got their note, and we had read the two greatest commandments from the bible (Matt 22; 36-40), there was time for hugs and goodbyes. When 50 girls, then followed by the boys jumpet at me with big hugs and "love you-es" and "miss you-es", I were really touched.
I even got some letters from some of the girls. In the letters there was many nice words and blessings, and even some coins! It made me feel bad that poor kids wanted to give the rich norwegian money, but I think they wanted to show that I am more than just a mzungu to them, and I am really grateful for that. These kids have touched me and will allways have a special place in my heart.
But this was just a goodbye for two months. Im not looking forward to the real goodbyes. Good we still have 5 and a half months left in Uganda. Hope they dont run by too quickly.

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  1. åååå! eg og blir litt rørt nå! ser kjempekos ut, og eg ska gjer alt som står i min makt for få reisa ner å besøka dokke! Kos deg vidare søss!
    Savne deg <3

  2. Hehe. Bra å hørra. GRATULERA så møje me dagen i dag forresten. Voksen å greier. Håbe du har det bra der heima. :P

    Gla i deg søss! :)

  3. Halla balla,Ohh those kids around! They look cute and they will miss you during xmas holiday. Peter