tirsdag 10. november 2009

First trip to Mbale

The traditional dresses we wore at church.

Balley on the roof.

6 AM at the bus out from Kampala

My first football mach in Uganda, between cows of course

Silje and Marthe took us to an good indian restaurant, and showed us the town and the nature of Mbale.

04.30 AM Friday morning my alarm clock rang and I had to wake up. I was surprised. It was actually quiet outside. I didn´t think that was possible in Kampala. But it didn’t last for long. After one minute the choir of dogs started, after two minutes the mosque started to scream, and after about three minutes they got company from our beloved cock. I had to laugh. This is the Kampala I’m used to.

06.00 AM I, Kaia and Mike Wachira Muraguri, our boss, sat at a bus out from Kampala, heading Mbale. After 3,5 hours with jumping in the seats and many exciting things to look at, we arrived the city under Mount Elgon. Silje and Marthe showed us their working place, CRO, Child Restoration Outreach. It was nice to see how they worked with the street children, and I played football for the first time here in Uganda! Barefoot! It was really fun, and I have a lot to learn if I’m going to reach one of my goals for this year; to be an ok football player.

This weekend we also got to meet some of the football players at the CRO-team, a bunch of handsome boys. At the evening Silje and Marthe served us delicious chapati-pizza, and we had a good time together. At Sunday we celebrated the women’s day in church, wearing traditional African dresses. These clothes look beautiful at African women; it’s not the same with red and white Norwegian girls. (As you can see at the picture above) But it was a fun experience. Thank you for having us, Marthe and Silje. You are most welcome to our place, noisy Kampala, this weekend.

A hen suddenly jumped out of the bag, and made the norwegians jump in surprice.

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